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How to Visit Little Blue Lake Tasmania in 2023

How to Visit Little Blue Lake Tasmania in 2023

A quick guide to visiting Little Blue Lake Tasmania. An epic pit stop for photos and to admire the aquatic remnants of Tasmania’s alluvial tin mining past.

Little Blue Lake is quickly becoming a popular pit stop among those on a Tassie road trip. That’s because Little Blue Lake is easily accessed on the road toward the East Coast and Mount William National Park.

We had seen photographs of the lake online and we were convinced that we had to see it. Luckily for us, we got here early and had the place all to ourselves.

Where is the Little Blue Lake in Tasmania?

Little Blue Lake is located in the South Mount Cameron region between Gladstone and Derby in Tasmania's north-east.

This awesome little spot is located adjacent to its bigger brother, which shares an equally unambiguous name; Blue Lake. However, Little Blue Lake is arguably more "blue" and therefore I think more worthy of a photo stop.

Below I've pinned the exact location of the Little Blue Lake to help you find it.

Map of Little Blue Lake in Tasmania

How to Get to Little Blue Lake

The Little Blue Lake car park is easily accessible just 20 metres off of Gladstone Road (B82) which is sealed. However, the car park to the viewpoint is unsealed yet managed by any 2WD vehicle since it's literally just off the main road.

The lake makes a perfect stop for those heading to the east coast. From Launceston, expect a 1 hour 50 minute drive. If you're coming from Anson's Bay heading west, it's a shorter 30-minute drive.


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Visiting the Little Blue Lake Tasmania

Before arriving, we'd seen photos of this incredible blue lake and we were convinced it was worthy of a visit on our Tasmanian van road trip. As soon as we pulled off the main road, we saw the milky-turquoise waters of the lake from the viewpoint.


I'd expect that most people would probably only need to spend about 10-15 minutes here as a quick spot to stretch the legs. However, we probably spent well over an hour here, snapping frames and admiring the incredible blues.


Can You Swim at Little Blue Lake Tasmania?

Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended at Little Blue Lake due to the toxic mineral waste leftover from the tin mining era.

Why is Little Blue Lake Blue?

The lake is a milky shade of turquoise blue all year round due to the high mineral content in the water. These minerals were waste from years of alluvial tin mining which finished soon after World War II.

In fact, the lake itself is a man-dug hole from a mine. Once the mining lease ended, the miners abandoned the area and water soon filled the cavity, forming Little Blue Lake Tasmania.


Accommodation Near Little Blue Lake Tasmania

While we travelled Tasmania in our self-converted campervan, I still took the time to research some of the best-reviewed accommodation options near Little Blue Lake. Below is a summary:

Camping Near Little Blue Lake

While currently not listed on Campermate or other apps, you'll find a small area just a little further down from the viewing platform. You can camp here in a camper or caravan.

While we didn't stay here the night, it certainly looked like a great spot if you were looking to break up the drive.


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