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22 Epic Things to do on Siargao Island in 2023 – Travel Guide

22 Epic Things to do on Siargao Island in 2023 – Travel Guide

A complete travel guide featuring 22 epic things to do on Siargao Island for your next trip to the Philippines’ surf capital.

Siargao Island is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. But, what you might not know is that Siargao is also a hotspot for adventure, with plenty more things to do besides just surfing!

Here, you’ll find loads of epic advities from exploring blue-water lagoons, waterfalls, palm tree-lined rivers, caves, cenotes, rock pools, and some epic viewpoints!

In this Siargao Island travel guide, I’ll arm you with absolutely everything you’ll need to know to have an epic island trip, whether you come here to surf, party, or adventure!

I include details on the best (and most cost-effective) ways to get to Siargao Island, what to do, where to stay, as well as throw in some useful tips you’ll want to know before you arrive!

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The Quick Answer: Here Are 4 Unmissable Experiences on Siargao

In a rush? Want a quick answer for the best places and top-rated things to do on Siargao? Check out this list!

  • Island Hopping Tour - explore the closest islands to General Luna; Daku, Guyum, and Naked Islands on an epic island hopping and snorkeling trip.
  • Siargao Land Tour - visit the inland attractions and top things to do on Siargao in a single day, including Magpupungko Rock Pools, the Maasin River swing, and the Coconut Road!
  • Sugba Lagoon & Kawhagan Island - take a Bangka through the Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve to Sugba Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) and Kawhagan Island
  • Sohoton Cove Trip - explore an other-worldly landscape of neighboring Bucas Grande Island, explore caves and local life at Socorro and cliff-jump and swim in the tranquil blue lagoons

About The Island of Siargao

Siargao is a teardrop-shaped island located in the Philippine Sea situated on the west edge of the archipelago lined with white sand beaches and a dense tropical interior. Siargao Island has a land area of just over 420 square kilometers!

Before you dive into this Siargao Island travel guide featuring the 21 best things to do on your next visit, here are some things you should know about the island and this guide:

  • Separate posts - I've written comprehensive guides to many Siargao attractions listed in this blog which include more information and photos. You'll find the link to these in each item on the list.
  • General Luna - This is the main tourist hub on Siargao Island and where most people stay.
  • Insurance for travel on Siargao- If you enjoy adventure and outdoor activities when traveling, you'll probably want adventure insurance that covers things like surfing, motorbikes, and hiking. Check out World Nomads as they're one of the only companies covering these activities.
  • Language - Locals in Siargao speak their own dialogue of the Visayan language, which is different to what you'll hear in Cebu or Palawan. However, many locals can speak up to four languages, including Tagalog (Filipino) and English as well.
  • At the bottom of this post - you'll find a more comprehensive Siargao travel guide with many more resources beyond just things to do on the island.
Pacifico Beach, Siargao

22 Best Things to do on Siargao Island

Let's get into the best part of this Siargao Island travel guide; the list of the 22 absolute best things to do on Siargao

1. Check Out Cloud 9 Siargao

By far, one of the most popular things to do on Siargao Island is to head down to the famous Cloud 9 pier a the end of the main town of General Luna.

This epic pier is a hotspot for surfers, with the epic Cloud 9 surf break being just beneath it. In fact, Siargao's Cloud 9 is rated as one of the 10 best surf spots in the world, and the best place to go if you're looking to watch world-class surfers.

If you're a pro, head down to the pier to launch into the surf. Otherwise, do what I did a few times on my trips and walk out to it for one of the best spots to watch the surfers do their thing.

Cloud 9 Siargao
During peak surfing season, you'll get to witness some great waves at Cloud 9 Siargao!

2. Visit the Magpupungko Rock Pools

The Magpupungko Rock Pools are natural tidal pools on Magpupungko Beach, north of General Luna.

These pools have to be seen to be believed. They are an insane shade of bright, turquoise blue. The pools are also deep enough for jumping into from the large boulders. The water is very clear, especially on low tide!

Included on the: Siargao Land Tour

Magpupungko Rock Pools Siargao Island, Philippines
Magpupungko Rock Pools, Things to do in Siargao

3. Go Island Hopping

By far, one of the best things to do on Siargao Island if you're not surfing is to check out the islands just off General Luna. Island hopping is one of the most popular activities on Siargao Island, and it makes for an epic day of exploring amazing sandy shores and snorkeling in coral reefs.

You'll get to visit:

Guyam Island
Guyam Island
Daku Island Siargao
Daku Island
Naked Island The Philippines
Naked Island

These trips are an absolute must-do when visiting Siargao Island and also one of the cheapest things to do at less than $50 for a day trip!

Siargao Island Hopping Things to do, travel guide

4. Visit Sugba Lagoon - The Best Thing to do in Siargao for Non-Surfers

Okay, this next highlight is one of the absolute best things to do on Siargao Island! In all honesty, the Sugba Lagoon day trip from General Luna was probably my favorite activity on the island.

The Lagoon is located just a short trip from General Luna through the Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve. You'll visit an incredible blue lagoon that is absolutely stunning from the sky. The main point has a floating hut with tables, an awesome diving board and stand-up paddle boards and kayaks for rent.

Book: Sugba Lagoon from General Luna

Sugba Lagoon Drone Photo
Diving Board Jump at Sugba Lagoon on Siargao Island the Philippines

5. Stop By Kawhagan Island

Kawhagan Island is another epic little sandbar island covered with coconut palm trees. There's an awesome sand spit that is perfect for swimming, relaxing or watching the sunset.

You can book a private tour to Kawhagan Island from General Luna, or combine it with a trip to Sugba Lagoon.

Tip: If you're jumping on the Sugba Lagoon trip above, then you'll also get to visit Kawhagan Island.

Kawhagan Island Siargao

6. Snap a Photo at the Coconut Palm Road

If you're in the planning stages of your travels to Siargao Island, then I'm sure you would have already seen photos from this epic road. The Siargao Coconut Road is an epic stretch of white-concrete road surrounded by tropical palm trees.

If you have a drone, you'll want to send it up here to capture some awesome photos and videos.

Included in: The Land Tour

Palm Tree Road Siargao

7. Swing Off the Bent Palm Tree

The bent palm tree swing has been a Siargao icon for the past few years. This spot is located on the Maasin River, less than half an hour from General Luna.

This epic river is lined with coconut palm trees and features an epic rope swing into the deep water. There are also a few locals around who will offer you a boat trip up the river and to use their bamboo raft for a small fee.

Included in: The Land Tour

Maasin River Siargao, Bent Palm Tree Swing

8. Stay at Kermit Resort

The Kermit Surf Resort on Siargao is one of the most popular and chill places to stay in General Luna. While I didn't stay here, I'll have to be honest and say that I stopped by a few times and was a bit envious.

These guys run tours and promote eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives on the island. Kermit also runs the most popular surf schools in General Luna.

Kermit Resort on Siargao Island

9. Go Surfing (Or Learn to Surf)

If this Siargao travel guide ranked things to do on the island in order, then this would have to be number one. Surfing is by far the most popular thing to do on the island and there are loads of great breaks from pro to beginner.

I'm not a big surfer and therefore I can't comment much on the spots. However, taking some advice from some who are, some of the best surf spots on Siargao Island include:

  • Jacking Horse
  • Guiuan 
  • Quicksilver
  • Bumee
  • Daku Reef
  • Pilar
  • Cloud 9 Siargao
  • Tuason’s Point
  • Pacifico

While many of these spots are for more advanced surfers, I did have a crack at Secret Beach and the "learner area" near Cloud 9. I can recommend these two for those who want to learn how to surf on Siargao Island.

Surfing on Siargao Island the Philippines, travel guide

10. Explore Sohoton Cove

Visiting Sohoton Cove on the nearby Bucas Grande island is one of the most epic ways to spend a day on Siargao.

There are loads of caves, blue lagoons, and diving platforms to check out. The lagoons for me were a definite highlight and reminded me of the epic scenes on El Nido or what you might expect to find on Palau. Check out the video below that I made out of a few drone clips from Sohoton Cove.

Blue Lagoon Sohoton Cove National Park
Sohoton Resort near Siargao Island

11. Rent a Motorbike and Explore Siargao Island

If you've read my blog before, then you'll know that one of my absolute favorite things to do when traveling is just to rent a bike and explore. You can pick up a scooter in General Luna for around 250-350 pesos per day. On top of that, 150 pesos will be more than enough to cover your fuel costs!

The roads around Siargao Island are very well-maintained and smooth. You'll really enjoy cruising down the coconut palm tree roads, passing scenic rice fields and quaint villages along the way.

Palm Tree Lookout
Motorbikes on Siargao Island

12. Visit Taktak Falls

An off-the-beaten-path adventure lies in the northern tip of Siargao Island– Taktak Falls, the only waterfall on the island!

While you won't find crystal clear, turquoise water at the base like you might at Kawasan Falls on Cebu, there is a hanging tree branch to send backflips off! Local kids love hanging out here, and they'll show you the ropes!

Tree jump at Taktak Falls Siargao travel guide

Featured in: Best Tourist Spots on Siargao

13. Check OU the Tayangban Cave Pool

Next up on this Siargao travel guide are the two cenotes at the Tayangban Cave Pool. This pool is located just 10 minutes from Magpupungko Rock Pools, just off the main road (Siargao Circumferential Road).

You have to pay a guide to visit these caves (100 pesos), who is usually one of the family members who owns the land. This activity is a mini-canyoneering trip as you wade through waist-deep waters in through a large cave complete with large stalagmites and stalactites.

The highlight for me was the two cenotes (deep sinkhole pools) where you can swim and cliff jump into at the end.

Tayangban Cave Pool Siargao
Exploring caves in the Philippines

14. Watch the Surf on Pacifico Beach

If you're up for a road trip, one of the top things to do on Siargao Island is to ride up to Pacifico Beach on the island's north. This beach is famous for its huge swell and if you're lucky, you might spot some shredders out in the waves.

This one is a decent reef break, and definitely not one for beginner surfers.

Pacifico Beach Siargao travel guide
Pacifico Beach is a great place to visit during high tide

15. Climb the Abandoned Lighthouse on Siargao Island

It seems to be that Siargao Island has it all! To top off the epic surf spots, blue lagoons, waterfalls, and cenotes, there's also an epic abandoned lighthouse you can climb!

You'll find this lighthouse at the north end of Pacifico Beach, and if you climb to the top, you'll have by far, the best view of the Pacifico surf on the island!

Climbing the Siargao Lighthouse, unique things to do on Siargao

16. Surf at Secret Beach (Guyan)

Secret Beach was one of my favorite beaches on Siargao island. This beach gets its name from the fact that you have to trek in a few hundred metres through the jungle to reach it!

On the quiet island days when we didn't know what to do on Siargao, we ended up here! There are some nice, beginner waves rolling in consecutively which makes it a great spot if you're learning to surf.

Secret Beach jungle road
Jungle road to Secret Beach
Secret Beach Philippines

17. Taste the Best Pizza on Siargao Island

What if I told you that Siargao Island has one of the best, authentic wood-fired Italian Pizzas in the world? Alright, you might think I'm exaggerating but let me tell you, they're incredible, it's up there with the best in Napoli!

You'll find these pizzas at the Kermit restaurant at General Luna. For $5, you can get a delicious, wood-fired Margherita Pizza that blew my mind. I don't know how they do it!

Kermit Restaurant Pizza

18. Snap a Photo at the "Secret" Palm Tree Road

Alright, everyone's seen a photo or heard about the famous Coconut Road on Siargao Island. But, what if I told you that there was another (arguably better) palm tree lined straight road?

You'll find this stretch of road in the north of Siargao near Pacifico Beach. If you type in "Coconut Plantation" on Google Maps in Siargao, you'll find the spot.

Secret Palm Tree Road on Siargao

19. Grab a Fresh Coconut

I think that climbing a coconut tree is an activity listed in every single Siargao travel guide. But, sometimes recommendations are there for a reason!

This island is coconut palm tree paradise, no matter where you turn you'll see them. And, the best part is that most of the trees have wedges cut out of the step making climbing them a breeze!

So, if you're hanging around and wondering what to do on Siargao Island, climb a coconut palm, harvest the fruit, and enjoy!

Coconut on Siargao Island travel guide

20. Visit Alegria Beach

As you probably know by now, Siargao Island has some incredible beaches. One of the most scenic is called Alegria Beach, at the very northern tip of Siargao near the Santa Monica Pier.

This beach is surrounded by shallow, fringing reefs, which means it's not great for surfing. However, it is one of the most scenic beaches, with turquoise blue water lapping up the palm-lined, white-sand shores.

Tip: Include a visit up to Alegria Beach when exploring northern Siargao Island highlights like Taktak Falls, Pacifico Beach and Magpupungko Rock Pools.

Alegria Beach, the philippines

21. Watch the Sunset at the Palm Tree Viewpoint

The last recommendation on this list of things to do on Siargao Island is to check out the awesome palm tree viewpoint just out from General Luna.

If you're exploring the island, then you'll undoubtedly pass this awesome pull-over spot a few times as its right off the side of the Circumferential Road at the top of the hill outside General Luna.

This viewpoint looks over a sea of palm trees with some rolling mountains in the distance. Visit for sunrise or sunset and you won't be disappointed!

Coconut Palm Tree Forest

22. Try Delicious Smoothie Bowls at Shaka Cafe

Looking for a healthy option after all that wood-fired pizza? My favorite place is Shaka Cafe near the beach at General Luna and you'll find some of the best smoothie bowls in all of the Philippines!

Siargao is a small island and Shaka Cafe is a fairly popular spot to hang out, chill, and meet some like minded people.

Beats the old office

Where to Stay on Siargao Island

When planning accommodation on Siargao, you'll want to know that the main tourist hub is called General Luna. Here, there is solid tourism infrastructure like hotels, resorts, guest houses, restaurants, clubs, bars and tour offices. Below are my favorite picks for where to stay.

Tip: I've written a comprehensive Siargao accommodation guide as well which goes into a lot more detail on places to stay, don't miss it!

  • Luxury Villas: Las Palmas Villas and Casitas Siargao - every popular luxury villas located within 100 meters from the beach. Includes swimming pool, bar, and tropical gardens.
  • Luxury Resort: Kalipay Resort - the best tropical suites in Siargao, located in an excellent central location that is quiet at night but still very close to everything you need.
  • Mid-range beach house: Surfing Carabao Beach Houses - beachfront tropical huts on Malinao beach with air conditioning and an awesome surf vibe.
  • Hostel With a Vibe: Ilakai Hostel - the best hostel in General Luna with very impressive reviews.

How to Get to Siargao Island

There are two ways you can reach Siargao Island, either by plan or by ferry.

By Plane:

Sayak Airport (IAO) is the airport serving Siargao Island in the province of Surigao Del Norte, the Philippines. This airport has connections from Manilla or Cebu (via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines). So, if you're flying from overseas, you'll likely need to book a connecting flight. However, there are apparently plans to build an international airport on Siargao in the near future.

Tip: Compare airfares on Skyscanner and CheapOAir to get the best rates (use the whole month option if you're flexible).

By ferry
The second option for getting to Siargao Island is to book a Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo) ferry. These trips run from neighboring Surigao (via Surigao City) and can work out cheaper than flying to Siargao directly from Cebu or Manilla.

Siargao Island from the Plane, travel guide

Best Time to Visit Siargao Island

Being a tropical island, you can expect Siargao to have some varying weather and dry/wet seasons. The best time to visit Siargao Island will depend on what you are doing. As a general outlook, most of the rain falls between January to March and late October to December. In saying that, January is the wettest and August is the driest.

Surfing Season: July to November
July to November is the most popular time to visit Siargao for surfing as the swell and wind conditions create the biggest waves. The annual Siargao International Surfing Cup runs each year in September.

Summer: March to May
As you probably know now from this lengthy Siargao travel guide, there's so much more to do on the island than just surfing! If you're planning a trip for beach hopping, exploring and adventuring, I'd recommend visiting between the months of March to May (Summer).

Island sunset palm tree

How to Get Around on Siargao Island

By far, the best way to get around on Siargao Island is to rent scooters. You'll find blogs recommending scooter rentals from places in General Luna for as high as 500 pesos per day. However, I've rented bikes multiple times for between 250-350 pesos per day. If you're planning to stay a while, you'll get the cheaper price of around 250 pesos if you rent them for long term (1 week or more).

You'll find fuel around the island to top up from road-side pit-stops. This fuel comes in glass bottles. 150 pesos worth of fuel will last most a day of exploring around the island. If you're only running down to the surf spots near General Luna, 150 pesos of fuel will last you a lot longer.

Tip: Siargao Island is an adventure playground! If you're planning to rent motorbikes, I highly recommend travel insurance by WorldNomads. I swear by them as they are one of the only companies offering adventure insurance with cover for things like motorbikes.

Palm Tree Forest on Siargao, travel guide


If you're not too keen on renting a motorbike, you can also pay for transport via:

  • Tricycle - a popular mode of private transport in the Philippines that accommodates a few more passengers (2-4) than a motorcycle. You can pay a driver to take you around to different spots and check out the awesome things to do on Siargao.
  • Habal Habal - This refers to "scooter taxi", this is a good way to get around cheaply as a single passenger without renting your own.
  • Van - You'll find a few resorts, hotels and private transport companies offering van transport. This is the priciest option for getting around but can be worth it if it's raining or if you're in a large group.
Tricycle in the Philippines

Siargao Island Travel Tips

That's nearly a wrap for this Siargao travel guide, but first, here are a few tips you'll find useful for your trip.

  • ATMs - You won't find that many ATMs around the island so I recommend getting cash out when exploring. You'll find ATMs only at large hubs like General Luna, Dapa or Del Carmen
  • Local currency - Philippine Peso (PHP), current exchange rate is roughly 50 PHP to $1 USD
  • Dapa and Del Carmen - these are the two main towns on Siargao Island where you can access facilities like pharmacies, supermarkets etc.
  • Good Food - Check out Kermit Restaurant, Shaka Cafe and Mama's Grill. For local eats, there's a Filipino eatery on the main strip at General Luna (Google Maps Pin: Tuna On D' Go GL and Rubies Store) where we ate most our meals (fed for under 80 pesos). Also, make sure to try pan de coco at the local bakeries.
Surfing on Siargao Island, the Philippines travel guide

Siargao Island Travel Guide - Faqs

Q: How long should I spend on Siargao Island?
As long as you can! We spent over a month here and still didn't want to leave on our first trip! This is especially true if you like surfing.

Q: How much does it cost to visit Siargao?
Again, this will definitely depend on your travel style. If you like partying and sticking to the expensive resort restaurants, then you can easily spend over $150 USD a day including accommodation.

However, if you're a backpacker on a budget like us, then you can also easily spend less than $30 a day by staying at a cheap guest house, eating locally and choosing free things to do like surfing or exploring the island by motorbike.

Q: What's the Siargao nightlife like?
If you've come to party, your best bet is to stay somewhere near General Luna. There are always nightly parties here at the bars and clubs on the main strip.

After Siargao - More Philippines Travel Guides

Just like that, this comprehensive Siargao travel guide is wrapping up. I hope you've found some epic things to do on Siargao and that I've inspired you to visit this incredible island.

While you're here, make sure to check out some of my other blog posts from The Philippines. I've also linked some of the seperate guides below too to help you if you're still wondering what to do on Siargao.

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Is the island in better condition after the typhoon?

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the island was recognized recently as the BEST island in the world!