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Walsh’s Pyramid Hike in Cairns – Complete Hiking Guide 2023

Walsh’s Pyramid Hike in Cairns – Complete Hiking Guide 2023

A quick guide to hiking Walsh’s Pyramid from Cairns. Tackle one of the most unique trails on the Cairns Coast in Tropical North Queensland.

Just south of Cairns is the world’s tallest freestanding natural pyramid; Walsh’s Pyramid. Hikers who are keen to tackle the summit will be rewarded with some of the best panoramic views of the Cairns and Innisfail Coast.

In this quick hiking guide, I’ll detail how to get to Walshs Pyramid, trail and hiking information, as well as what you might expect. You’ll also find some photos of the track and summit that I hope will inspire you to tackle this epic track!


Walsh's Pyramid - A Natural Freestanding Pyramid

Walsh's Pyramid is an independent peak rising above fields of sugar cane in the small town of Gordonvale.

At first glance, you'll be excused if you make the mistake of thinking it was a man-made pyramid covered in eucalypt bush. However, the mountain is actually a natural phenomenon and the tallest of its kind in the entire world.

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Walsh's Pyramid Elevation

Wondering how high Walsh's Pyramid actually is?

Walsh's Pyramid's elevation stands at 922 metres above sea level. Hikers start pretty close to sea level, so the total elevation gained is close to 900 m.


How to Get to the Walsh's Pyramid Trailhead

The start of the Walsh's Pyramid hiking trail is located approximately 25 km from Cairns. Expect a 30-minute drive.

To get here, you'll need to take the Bruce Highway (A1) heading south, turning right at Moss Access Road, just a couple of hundred metres after crossing the Mulgrave River over the Desmond Trannore Bridge.

After turning onto Moss Access Road, you'll round the bend and find a small car park on the left, which is where you'll also find the Walshs Pyramid hike trailhead.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Walsh's Pyramid Parking and Walking Track"

I've pinned the exact location of the hike car park above to help you out. If you navigate to this pin, it's really impossible to get lost. Don't make the common mistake of following Google Maps directions to the Pyramid itself, as you'll be directed to private property.

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The Walsh's Pyramid Hike

  • Hike Distance: 6.2 km (return)
  • Duration: 3.5-5 hours (return)
  • Elevation: Approximately 900 m total elevation gain |
    Peak height: 922 m AMSL
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The Cairns pyramid walk can be considered a fairly strenuous hiking trail due to the almost 900 M of elevation gain required to reach the peak. However, the track is easy to follow and well-marked in most sections and requires no scrambling or technically difficult sections.

The total track is 3.1 KM to the Walshs Pyramid summit point. Expect to take roughly 2 hours to gain the summit, depending on your speed and fitness level.

There are markings at every kilometer. You'll also need to keep your eye out for ribbons and triangular markings on the trees which indicate the track to the summit.

The Walsh's Pyramid track is fairly steep due to the naturally steep slope of the pyramid. Although it's not extremely difficult, you'll need to have at least a decent level of fitness to attempt it.

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Walsh's Pyramid Hiking Track Details

The trail picks up at the car park pinned on the map above. Almost immediately, the track steepens and begins gaining elevation.

The beginning of the track is fairly dense with vegetation. However, just after the 2 KM mark, you'll break out to a small rock clearing with large boulders.

This is a good spot to take a quick rest and enjoy the view. Navigating the sloping boulder field is probably the most difficult section.

My best advice in this section is that if you lose sight of markers, descend back on the track you came up on until you find one again. Generally, after the rocky clearing, you'll want to keep left and avoid walking up the false, worn tracks to the right.


The next section to the peak is fairly straight forward and you shouldn't have any issues. However, it seems as if the track gets a little steeper towards the top so prepare your legs for a burn.

The last few hundred meters of elevation are the steepest of the entire Walshs Pyramid hike. In saying that, it doesn't involve any scrambling, just a constant incline until you reach the rocky outcrop at the summit.



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Views From the Walsh's Pyramid Summit

Once you finally reach the summit, you'll have sweeping 360-degree views including the islands outside of Innisfail, Cairns and the Trinity Inlet, as well as mountain backdrops to the south.

There are several spots to sit and rest and enjoy the views. I found that the best views were just a little further down past the summit where there are some large flat rocks that make a perfect vantage point.


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Tips for Hiking Walsh's Pyramid in Cairns

I'd recommend starting Walsh's Pyramid hike early in the morning, even before first light. This is because it can get pretty hot on the track, and you'll get to enjoy some incredible sunrise views even at half-way.

Also, make sure that you keep an eye out for the trail markings. At some sections, it can get a little hard to stay on the trail, especially if there is lingering fog or cloud cover near the summit.

Since this hike will take at least 3.4-4 hours, remember also to bring water as you won't find any on the track.

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Best Time to Attempt the Walsh's Pyramid Hike

It's possible to hike Walsh's Pyramid all year round but it'll definitely be warmer in the hot, wet season.

Cairns has a tropical climate with two major seasons; wet and dry. April to November is considered the dry season, where Cairns sees less rainfall and cooler, dryer weather. This is the best time to attempt the hike due to a lower chance of rain and a more comfortable climb.

During the rest of the year, expect more rainfall and hot and humid conditions, averaging around 28-34 degrees. For up-to-date information regarding the weather in Cairns and Walsh's Pyramid walk, I always use Willyweather.


The Yearly Pyramid Race

The Walsh's Pyramid Race is an annual trail running event that begins and ends in Gordonvale. It's a grueling race with plenty of incline. Winners usually average around one and a half hours.

More Photos from the Walsh's Pyramid Summit

Looking for some Walsh's Pyramid photos to inspire your hike? Check out some of the shots that I managed to snap of sunrise and the sweeping views from the track and the peak. The featured image at the top of this blog post is of Walsh's Pyramid from Behana Gorge Road.


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