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Mount Sorrow Hike – Cape Tribulation Hiking Guide

Mount Sorrow Hike – Cape Tribulation Hiking Guide

Complete guide to reaching one of the best views on offer at the incredible Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland. The Mount Sorrow hike is a bit more difficult than some of the other short walks, but the views make it unmissable.

For those visiting Cape Tribulation, one of the most epic hiking opportunities you’ll find is the Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail. This steep and wet slog up the dense mountain range looming over Cape Tribulation is a great way to get a real taste of the ancient Daintree Rainforest in the Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Region.

Although the Mount Sorrow hike is often regarded as one of the most difficult hikes in Cape Tribulation, this short guide should help you get through it!

How to Get to the Mount Sorrow Trailhead

The Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail begins just off the side of Ryker's Road, approximately 100 metres after the turn to Kulki Boardwalk. You'll find it just after the cape, at the end of Myall Beach.

There is a small clearing on the right side of the road (driving north), where you can pull over and park your car. The Mount Sorrow hiking trail is on the opposite side of the road from this clearing. You'll see a small trailhead sign just before you enter into the dense rainforest and begin your ascent.

  • Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 16°04'41.1"S 145°28'03.9"E
Map location of Mount Sorrow

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The Mount Sorrow Hike

  • Hike Distance: 8.8 km return
  • Duration: 3-4 hours return
  • Elevation: Mount Sorrow summit: 700 m AMSL
    +850 metres total elevation gain
  • Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult

The Mount Sorrow hike is rated as one of the more difficult hiking trails that is popular among adventure seekers in Cape Tribulation. In saying that, for those with a bit of experience hiking in the Australian bush and with a relatively good level of fitness, it shouldn't be too difficult.

The trail is well-marked and cleared throughout. However, you'll need to keep an eye out for orange markers on the trees to make sure you're on the right path.

However, it's also a good idea to keep in mind that Cape Tribulation is a tropical area. It can get very wet, and sloppy (and leachy) in the wet season. Plan accordingly. I'd recommend bringing some deet for sure!


Mount Sorrow Hike GPX Map

Below is a GPX File that follows my route to the top. You can also check out the same map on Strava.

GPX File: Download

My Strava: Visit

Part 1: First Ascent

Immediately upon entering the rainforest at the Mount Sorrow hike trailhead, you'll be surrounded by towering rainforest trees and tropical ferns as far as the eye can see. The trail is obvious, so continue onwards and you will begin the first climb.

This section is not too steep, but is a good place to spot wild rainforest animals. We spotted a couple of Boyd's Forest Dragons but unfortunately they were too quick to snap a photo of.

After a short climb, the trail levels out for a comfortable stroll for about one kilometre.


Part 2: Second Ascent

After about 45 minutes from setting off, you'll begin the main ascent up the Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail. This climb is quite steep, but doesn't involve any technical climbing. There are ropes in the steepest sections to help you pull yourself up the muddy rainforest terrain.

You'll have about 2.2 kilometres to gain nearly 500 metres of altitude, most of which is just a steady, leg-burning push. Just continue to follow the orange markers on the trees and avoid going off the track.

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The Mount Sorrow Summit Lookout

Once you finally reach the top, you'll be greeted with a small, fenced platform where you can enjoy the view of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the high canopy of tree growth blocks the majority of the view. Thankfully though, there is an option to push on and follow the ridge up to a much, much better viewpoint just a couple of hundred metres beyond.


Tip: Keep Going to the Top of Mount Sorrow for Better Views

If you look down, you'll notice that there is a worn trail that leads around the lookout platform and beyond. This isn't an official trail, but leads to a viewpoint along the Mount Sorrow ridge that offers some of the best views of Cape Tribulation.

We certainly weren't too impressed with the official lookout platform, so we decided to push on. This worn trail follows a narrow and fairly steep ridgeline, so we took our time. Just a few hundred metres from the official lookout, we broke out of the forest on a cleared section of the ridge that made that was a well-deserved reward after the wet, steamy struggle up the Mount Sorrow Ridge trail!


The descent follows the same trail that we came up on. So, after enjoying the view and snapping some great shots of where the rainforest truly meets. the reef, we continued back down for a well-deserved rest.

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