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15 Awesome Things to do in Omiš, Croatia – Complete Guide

15 Awesome Things to do in Omiš, Croatia – Complete Guide

An up-to-date travel guide featuring the top 15 things to do in Omiš, Croatia.

I recently spent a month in Omiš, documenting the best sandy beaches, hikes, and nearby islands of the Adriatic Sea. The result is this ultimate guide, where I’ll aim to convince you that this small town at the mouth of the Cetina River is Croatia’s adventure capital!

From zip-lining over the Cetina Canyon to white water rafting through pristine rivers, there are so many fun and adventurous things to do in Omiš, Croatia.

So let’s dive into the list!

Omis, Croatia

Quicklist: The Best Omiš Tours & Experiences

In a rush? Here are the top 3 experiences you can book right now in Omiš.

  • Cetina Canyon Zipline – The Cetina Zipline is one of the most famous adventure activities in all of Croatia, and begins within walking distance of Omiš town!
  • Blue Cave & 5 Islands Boat Trip – The Blue Cave is Croatia’s most iconic coastal attraction. This boat trip departs Omiš and visits the grotto and the very best of the nearby islands.
  • Cetina River Rafting – People flock to Omiš from all over Croatia to experience the thrill of the Cetina Rapids, don’t miss it!
Omis, Croatia

15 Best Things to do in Omiš Croatia

1. The Omiš Zipline (Cetina Canyon)

Looking for one of the best adventure activities in Croatia? The famous Cetina River Canyon Zipline tour is one of the best in the country and departs every day from Omiš.

In fact, this tour is the main reason that travelers stop by Omiš from the popular tourist destination of Split.

This zip line experience features a total of 8 wires, one of which is 700 meters long and 150 meters above ground level! The zipline polygon winds down the incredible Cetina Canyon in the heart of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, one of Europe’s most beautiful nature regions.

Cetina Canyon Zipline from Omis

2. Rafting on the Cetina River

The second-most famous thing to do in Omiš is the whitewater rafting trip. This epic adventure activity follows a Grade 3 route further upstream on the Cetina River.

White Water rapids on the Cetina River, Croatia

While there are a handful of rafting tour companies, I highly recommend Pirate Rafting, as it’s the most cost-effective and combines white water rafting with a bit of caving, canyoning, and cliff jumping!

The rafting trip is always led by experienced and qualified river rafting guides. And, the third-grade rapids mean that you’ll have a great time, while needing no prior experience with rafting!

Rafting on the Cetina River near Omis, Croatia

Transport Tip: The tour starts with a short drive upstream to a restaurant called Radmanovic Mlinice, whereby the river guides will then drive all of the rafters further into the canyon. While tourists in Split will pay extra for transportation, this is cheaper and easier for those staying in Omiš as you’ll get a discount and can get picked up near the big parking lot for free.

3. Hike Up to Starigrad Fortress (Fortica Starigrad)

Looking for the absolute best views of the beautiful Omiš Riviera from above? You’ll want to follow the short hiking trail up to the Starigrad Fortress, also known as the Omiš Castle.

This beautiful fortress sits on a scenic limestone ridge 303 meters above sea level and once served as a 15th-century lookout point over the opposing Brač channel.

View of Starigrad Fortress in Omis, Croatia

There are three ways to reach the castle, but I recommend taking the “easy route” starting at Put Borka Street.

While this trail is a little bit steep in some sections, most people should be able to reach the top in a 30 to 45-minute walk from the main street in Omiš Old Town.

Tip: I recommend hiking up for sunset for the best views!

Starigrad Fortress in Omis, Croatia
View from Starigrad Fortress

4. Omiš Canyoning & Cliff Jumping

Another epic adventure attraction in Omiš is the Canyoning trip, again down the scenic Cetina River Canyon.

There are several offerings based on experience level, but each includes swimming through crystal clear rivers, hiking, sliding down rapids, and of course, a bit of cliff jumping!

This is one of the funnest things to do in Omiš, and probably the best way to really immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of this lush region.

Cliff jumping in the Cetina Canyon

5. Explore the Former Pirate Village of Omiš Old Town (St. Michael’s Square)

Another unique thing to do in the town of Omiš is to explore its quaint Old Town area. This historical town is famous for being the home of the Omiš pirates (Omiški gusari) during the 13th century.

For fans of history and lore, the Old town of Omiš is the perfect place to explore. Its main street is full of history, with its old buildings and narrow streets telling stories dating through the ages, from the pirates to Venetian rule.

Main street of Omis
Restaurants on the Main street of Omiš

Some of the main highlights and attractions worth visiting include:

  • House of a Happy Man – a 16th-century building standing as a testament to one man’s gratitude
  • The City Museum – located next to the eastern city gate, this museum houses several exhibitions from Omiš’s history, including the famous Poljica Statute, a medieval code regulating public relations at the time of the Poljica Republic.
  • Local restaurants – some of the best restaurants in Omiš serving traditional Croatian food are found in the heart of the Old Town. Check out Restoran Milo for seafood or Konoba Gusti for barbecue.
  • Parish Church of St. Michael (Sv. Mihovil) – a beautiful 17th-century Parish Church in the heart of the old town.
Old Town of Omis Croatia
Inside the walls of Omiš Old Town

6. Rock Climbing & Via Ferrata

Omiš is perfectly situated at the mouth of the River Cetina, where the Mosor Mountain Range splits it to form Omiš Dinara. These rocky limestone massifs feature plenty of great rock-climbing slopes!

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a beginner, rock climbing is one of the best things to do in Omiš if you’re chasing adventure.

Another great option is to tackle one of the several Via Ferrata routes. These are accessible within walking distance from town.

View from Omis Fortica Hike

7. Day Trip to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s largest national park and certainly one of the great places worth visiting in the country, especially for nature lovers.

This unique karst landscape is known for its 16 turquoise-blue lakes and over 90 stunning waterfalls!

Waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Although it takes roughly 3 hours to get here from Omiš, it is possible to visit Plitvice Lakes on a day trip. This trip usually works out to be more cost-effective than renting a car and driving yourself since it includes all transport, a licensed tour guide, and a 15-minute scenic boat ride on the big lake.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

8. Hike Up to Mirabella Fortress (Tvrđava Mirabela)

Another epic fortress that you’ll likely immediately spot upon arriving in Omiš is the Mirabella Fortress. This unique romanesque fortress was constructed in the 13th century and served as the ideal place for the Omiš pirates who used it to retreat into the gorge during the middle ages.

Travelers can access Mirabella Fortress by climbing up the stairs starting from Subic Street and passing the small church of the Holy Spirit. This is a very short walk, taking just 15 minutes.

The entrance fee is just 20 kuna, which is well worth it as it’s one of the top attractions in Omiš town and easy to access on foot.

Boating in Croatia

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9. White Sand Beaches

Everyone knows Croatia, and the Dalmatian Coast especially, as a top holiday destination for amazing beaches lined with calm, crystal clear water.

The seaside village of Omiš serves as no exception, with plenty of attractive sandy beaches and pebbly shores for swimming.

Beach in Croatia

Some of the best beaches near Omiš include:

  1. Velika Plaza – the most popular and famous beach is a long sandy beach just a few minutes walk from the Old Town. At 700 meters long, there’s plenty of space to find a stretch of sand to yourself, play some beach volleyball, or let the young children run free!
  2. Plaža Artina – one of the most beautiful beaches, this quaint local spot is accessible via a short bus journey just 9 kilometers south of the town. The shore is lined with small, soft pebbles and clear shallow water.
  3. Galeb Beach – another great sandy beach south of Omiš. This is one of the most scenic spots as the coast bends around, forming an excellent view of the town and surrounding mountains from the shore.

Grab your towel – going beach hopping on the Adriatic Coast is one of the best things to do in Omiš during the summer months!

Omis Beach in Croatia

10. Blue Cave & Hvar Boat Trip

The Blue Cave of Croatia, or Modra špilja, is a magnificent natural wonder located on the island of Biševo near Vis on the Dalmatian Coast.

This incredible sea cave is famous for its translucent blue light radiating from the pristine waters below. It’s truly an otherworldy scene and a must-visit attraction in Croatia.

Boat inside the Bisevo Blue Grotto

Luckily, you don’t have to stay in Split to get to the Blue Cave. There is also a Blue Cave & 5 Island day trip running from Omiš. While there is a fair distance to the Blue Cave from mainland Croatia, this is a speedboat tour, meaning you’ll get out there in no time.

Additionally, this tour stops at 5 more islands, including the famous Hvar.

Tour boat in the Croatia Blue Cave

11. Rent a Boat & Explore the Croatian Islands

Prefer to be your own tour guide? One of the best ways to explore the coastline and nearby islands of Brač, Vis, the Blue Lagoon, and Hvar is to rent your own boat.

Rental prices vary greatly, but on average are cheaper than renting in Split. Expect to pay around 120-150 euros per day for a small speedboat. I recommend walking down to the harbor near the main street in Omiš, where you’ll often find locals offering rental boats.

Hired speedboat driving at Croatian Islands

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12. Day Trip to Krka Waterfalls

Second only to Plitvice Lakes, the Krka National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Croatia. Here, you’ll find amazing landscapes of waterfalls and fresh, flowing streams. There are several walking trails through this park, which is a must-see for anyone making a trip to Croatia.

Again, Omiš proves to be an excellent place to stay, since there is also a day trip to Krka running daily from town. This includes transport to the national park as well as a stop at the idyllic village of Trogir.

Krka National Park, Croatia
Travel in Croatia

Tip: How to Get Around in Croatia

Rent a car! Croatia is very safe for motorists & the best way to explore the country. Rentals sell out quickly in the Summer months. Make sure to book in advance using a comparison site like DiscoverCars to get the best deals.

13. Kayaking

Another great adventure activity in Omiš is to go kayaking! Either rent a kayak and paddle down the panoramic shores, or head upstream on the Cetina River and find some quiet, secluded banks to relax on.

You’ll find kayak rental shops all over town, especially if you walk down Obala Gusara, lining the banks of the River Cetina.

Alternatively, channel your inner pirate and book this kayaking tour, which includes a guided paddling tour with a snorkel stop at an abandoned shipwreck.

Kayaking on the Cetina River near Omis, Croatia

14. Paragliding

One of the most exhilarating things to do in Omiš for adrenaline junkies is to go hang gliding or paragliding!

Due to the high cliffs and frequent, reliable winds, Omiš is an ideal place for these activities. The most popular place to take off is in the nearby village of Cecuci, where there is a grassy slope on the Omiš Dinara mountain.

Flying over Omis Croatia

15. The Festival of Dalmatian Folk Songs

Adventure and its pirate past aren’t the only two things that put Omiš Croatia on the map. If you’re lucky enough to visit this region in the warm months of July, you’ll get to witness the famous Festival of Dalmatian Folk Songs, or Festival Dalmatinskih klapas!

This is a unique way to experience a traditional facet of Croatian culture. You’ll get to hear the traditional klapas songs, which often tell the stories of love and life on the islands and Dalmatian Coast.

Traditional buildings in Omiš, Croatia

Where to Stay in Omiš

While the majority of travelers tend to stay in the larger city of Split, the adventure town Omiš makes for a great alternative for those more interested in adventure than partying.

These are the top-rated accommodation options in Omiš for each budget.

  • Damianii Luxury Boutique Hotel– A short drive from Omis center this 5-star boutique hotel has everything you’ll need. A continental breakfast is available each morning and it has its own spa facility on-site. It is located across from the beach.
  • Hotel Plaža– This hotel is nestled in the center of Omis. It is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and bars and is close to the Cetina River. It offers an exceptional breakfast and views over the ocean.
  • Apartments Nature– Located perfectly in the town of Omis at a budget price. Only a 7-minute walk to the beach. This apartment boasts large bedrooms with a private bathroom, kitchen, and mountain views.
Aerial view of Omis in Croatia

How to get to Omiš

The nearest airport to Omiš is the Split Airport (Resnik Airport), an international airport terminal with flight routes connecting all over the world.

Then, to get to Omiš from Split airport, you can either rent your own car, take a taxi, or book a bus.

  • Rental Cars – rentals are available at Split Airport, compare prices on DiscoverCars for the best rates
  • Taxi or Uber – expect a 1-hour drive from Split Airport to Omiš town. Ubers are available at Split airport and will cost you roughly 60-70 euros one way. Once you arrive in Omiš, Uber availability is limited.
  • Bus – there are usually two buses per day running from Split Airport directly to Omiš and take just over an hour. You can book this directly on BusBud for around 5 euros per person.

Travelers staying in other parts of Croatia can easily reach Omiš via the well-connected bus routes on BusBud. While there is no bus station in town, there is a bus stop just opposite the Studenac supermarket where the local bus from split and coach buses from other regions will drop off passengers.

Town of Omis in Croatia

Ready to Visit Omiš? Read These Croatia Travel FAQs First

Is Omiš Worth Visiting?

Omiš is a great travel destination for those looking to explore the surrounding Cetina Canyon and indulge in some epic adventure activities. Its quiet, laid-back atmosphere is also great for families and couples looking to get away. If you’re chasing a wild party scene, visit Split instead.

Is Omiš Croatia Safe?

Croatia is a very safe travel destination. Nobody will give you any problems in Omiš.

Should I visit Omiš or Makarska?

Makarska is another seaside village just a little further south of Omiš. This area is even more laid-back and features some great beaches. However, I’d recommend staying in Omiš over Makarska, especially if you’re into adventure activities.

How far is Omiš from Split?

The town of Omiš is situated approximately 25 kilometers south of Split. There is only one road heading south, so depending on the traffic conditions, this journey can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.

How many days should I spend here?

I recommend that travelers spend at least 3 days in Omiš. This is enough time to enjoy some quiet beach time and tick off some of the adventure attractions in Omiš like the zip line, kayaking, or whitewater rafting, as well as a sunset at the Starigrad Fort. However, if you’ve got more time, I’d tell anyone to spend at least a week here as a base to explore the nearby islands and epic day trips to the Croatia National Parks.

Omis, Croatia

Where to Go in Croatia After Omiš

I hope you’ve enjoyed this inspiring travel guide featuring the absolute best things to do in Omiš, Croatia!

Check out some of my other blog posts below for more epic Croatia content to prepare for your trip!