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Blue Cave Montenegro (Kotor) – Ultimate Guide

Blue Cave Montenegro (Kotor) – Ultimate Guide

A complete and up-to-date guide on how to visit the Blue Cave in Montenegro (Bay of Kotor).

The Blue Cave also called the Blue Grotto, or Plava Spilja in Montenegro is an amazing sea cave that is one of the most popular attractions on the coast near Kotor.

Famous for its alluring blue glow and crystal clear waters, a visit to this remarkable sea cave should be on everybody’s list of things to do in Kotor or Budva.

In this guide, I’ll detail everything you need to know about visiting the Blue Cave in Montenegro, including how to get here, what to expect, and some photos from my trip!

Couple in the Blue Cave near Kotor, Montenegro

About Montenegro's Blue Cave

While everybody knows about Croatia's Blue Cave near the island of Vis, the Blue Grotto in Montenegro doesn't receive anywhere near the attention. At least not as much as it deserves!

For adventure travelers, this is a blessing, as you'll often get these amazing sea caves all to yourself and won't have to share it with a dozen other tour boats!

Similarly to the Croatian Blue Cave, the Montenegro Blue Cave gets its name from the beautiful blue glow. This is produced by the sun reflecting through the crystal-clear waters and lighting up the cavern interior. This natural phenomenon is spectacular to witness, and even more amazing to swim in!

Also, the cave entrance is quite small and only accessible with small boats. It's also a good idea to time the tide because at high tide it's almost impossible to enter (or escape).

Tip: To get the best experience and the most radiant blue light, try to visit on a sunny day!

Montenegro Blue Cave

Where is the Blue Cave in Montenegro?

The Blue Cave is located on the Lustica Peninsula near the popular tourist regions of Kotor, Tivat, Budva, and Herceg Novi.

The cave entrance is found just south of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. From the outside, it is quite inconspicuous and almost impossible to find unless you know where to look.

Furthermore, there is no access to this cave from the land. This is due to the steep cliffs on this part of the Montenegrin Coast.

As a result, in order to get to the grotto, you'll need to enter via the sea.

Map of the Montenegro Blue Cave

How to get to the Blue Cave From Kotor

There are two main options to get to the Blue Cave from popular tourist destinations like Kotor Bay (Boka Bay), Tivat, or Budva.

Option 1: Kotor Boat Tour

This is by far the best-value option for getting to the Blue Cave from Kotor and the option that I took.

The boat tour includes all of the highlights of Kotor Bay and the surrounding coastline, including a visit to the Submarine Tunnel, Lady of the Rocks (artificial island with a church), Mamula, and the Blue Cave.

This trip runs for just over 3 hours, making it excellent value for money. And, with convenient meeting points, it's easy to join if you're stopping by for the day on a cruise ship (also cheaper than the cruise excursions).

Book now: Kotor Boat Tour (includes Blue Cave & highlights)

Travel Tip: I always book with GetYourGuide (above) you'll get a full refund in the case of bad weather.

Islands in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Islands in the Bay of Kotor
Submarine tunnel in Bay of Kotor
Submarine Tunnel
Green mountains on the Kotor coastline

Option 2: Boat Taxi from Igalo Beach

This second option is great for budget travelers looking to save some money. However, it will require some public transport (or having your own vehicle) and you will miss out on other highlights in the above tour.

Firstly, you'll want to make your way to Igalo Beach, located at the mouth of Kotor Bay, near the border of Croatia. From this beach, you will find many local boat trips departing daily.

These trips cost only 5 euros, and will also stop at the beautiful beach of Janica, as well as several other smaller sea caves.

Travel Tip: Montenegro is a small country! One of the best ways to explore the many highlights is to rent a car. I recommend comparing prices on DiscoverCars to get the best price across multiple dealers in Kotor, Budva, and Tivat.

Boat entering sea cave entrance

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What to Expect at the Blue Cave (Blue Grotto)

Interested in more photos and to know what it's actually like to visit the Blue Cave in Montenegro? Here's a rundown of my recent experience on the Kotor Boat Tour linked above.

Entering the Grotto

At first, the entrance to this beautiful cave doesn't look like much more than a narrow hole in the cliff face. As we approached in the speedboat, we noticed that the tide was already quite high, and were a bit worried about whether or not we could squeeze through.

Luckily, our boat driver has been working on the Adriatic Sea for his entire life, and knew exactly how to enter.

Boat entering the blue Grotto in Montenegro

It took a couple of seconds for our eyes to adjust. But, after a few moments had passed, we were engulfed in a sparkling natural dome of aquatic blue. The blue light emenantes from the sandy bottom of the deep, saltwater cave, lighting up the entire cavern in a spectacular way!

Blue sea cave near Kotor

Swimming inside the Grotto

If you're visiting the Blue Cave, you just have to swim inside! Only smaller ships can enter, which means it is safe!

The water is crystal-clear and quite deep, which means you can swim and explore the blue water cave at your own will.

Blue grotto, Montenegro

The Back Entrance

After a quick visit, our driver wanted to show us the rear entrance to the cave. This section was a little more difficult to manouver due to strong currents pulling in and out. However, when we exited, we were shown a series of caves just around the corner.

Each were spectacular, with amazing turquoise waters and steep, green cliffs. However, being much smaller than the Blue Cave, we couldn't enter with our boat.

Turquoise water and orange cliffs, Bay of Kotor
Girl exploring sea caves in Montenegro
Sea cave entrance, Kotor, Montenegro

Travel Tip: Where to Stay in Kotor

The best places to stay in Kotor are the Old Town, Muo (west side of the bay), or Dobrota (east side of the bay). Below is a quick roundup of the top-rated picks and recommendations for every budget.

  • Blue Premium Spa Resort -An Amazing adults-only luxury spa resort overlooking Boca Kotorska.
  • Apartmani Art Karampana - A beautiful apartment in the Old Town district. Rated 9.7 out of 10 with hundreds of reviews.
  • Centrum Hostel - With hundreds of reviews, this is still the best-rated hostel for its location and vibe in Kotor Old Town.
Houses in the Bay of Kotor

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I hope that this quick guide to visiting the Blue Cave in Montenegro has inspired you to experience this unique and amazing natural attraction in this underrated country.

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