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The Best Travel & Booking Resources

From booking a hotel room to finding epic bucket-list experiences, this handpicked list of essential travel resources includes all of the tools you need to plan and book your trip independently.

I’ve been using these websites for the past 5 years of full-time travel and have now partnered with them. This means that they will pay me a small commission when you use my link and then go on to make a purchase. But remember, I only list websites that I trust and use myself!

This is the best way to support this site for free as you’ll pay the same price whether you click my link or not. If you want to be a super supporter, bookmark this page and use it when planning your travels.

Save Money on Accommodation

booking logo is my go-to for booking hotels, guest houses, and accommodation in general.

I usually hit up before any other site since they have awesome map-searching tools and the most comprehensive review system.

hostelworld logo


I’ve been budget backpacking full-time for over 5 years now. I’ve stayed in hundreds of hostels around the world and many of them I’ve booked using Hostelworld.

This is the best all-around resource for finding budget backpacker lodging, with reviews from like-minded travelers.

agoda logo


While is my favorite, I sometimes use Agoda for accommodation too, especially in Asia.

I’ve saved loads of money by double-checking Agoda before making a booking on and sometimes find a much better deal for the same hotel.

Tip: If you find an awesome place to stay, I recommend searching it on all three booking sites as there are often great deals available only on one!

Save Money on Tours & Experiences

getyourguide logo

Get Your Guide

GetYourGuide is my go-to booking site for tours and experiences around the world. They have the most comprehensive database, the easiest booking layout, and offer the best peace of mind (free cancellations).

GetYourGuide is almost always the same price as booking directly with a tour provider. Most of the time you can actually get cheaper prices since they have discount deals.

viator logo


Viator is another great booking website that I use a lot. It’s very similar to Get Your Guide but sometimes has more offerings.

Similarly, Viator offers free cancellations and really easy booking. You get an email confirmation and a code that you just show when you rock up or get picked up by the operator.

klook logo


If you’re traveling in South East Asia, Klook will be your best booking website.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve booked dozens of tours on Klook from Borneo to Myanmar.

Again, free cancellation, an easy booking layout, easy confirmations, and cheap prices. What more could you ask for?

Save Money on Travel Insurance

worldnomads logo

World Nomads

Adventure travelers need adventure travel insurance. From hitchhiking in Central America to hiking in the Himalayas, things, unfortunately, can go wrong, and trust me, you’ll want to be protected when they do.

I’ve been pretty lucky and only had to make one single claim. That was with World Nomads when my entire backpack was stolen in Barcelona. Safe to say I was covered!

World Nomads offer great value and solid coverage that others don’t. That’s why I used them for years and include them in this list.

safetywing logo


I recently switched from World Nomads insurance to SafetyWing.

These guys cater to full-time digital nomads like me. In my home country, Australia, I was paying $100’s in insurance every month.

Now with Safetywing, I get all the coverage I need, all around the world for around $40 a month…

Safetywing is best for longer trips but loads of people use them for short trips too since they cover Covid-19 costs & hospital bills if something goes wrong.

Global Rescue Logo

Global Rescue

Unfortunately, most travel insurance policies don’t offer coverage for any high-altitude trekking or expeditions.

That’s why when I go on any trips to Nepal or on Himalayan expeditions above 4500 meters, I always buy Global Rescue on top of my SafetyWing plan.

This is the best trekking travel insurance you can buy, with dedicated teams that will pull you out of danger from some of the world’s most remote places.

Save Money on Flights



Skyscanner is a flight booking website I’ve been using to book almost every flight since 2015.

Input your dates and your desired location and it’ll search for the cheapest fare options around the world instantly.

Tip: Search “whole month” or “everywhere” options if you’re flexible to find the absolute cheapest fares possible.

cheapoair logo


This is a new kid on the block that is very similar to Skyscanner.

I always check both Skyscanner and CheapOAir when I need to book a flight. Between the two I always find the cheapest fare possible.

Save Money on Transport

bookaway logo


Looking for cheap long-distance buses, ferries, or trains? BookAway always gets my first search and has saved me hundreds.

For example, I was told by everybody (locals and bloggers included) that there wasn’t a direct ferry from Gili Islands to Nusa Penida (Indonesia). After checking BookAway, I found an awesome ferry that saved me annoying layovers and a decent chunk of Rupiah too.

12goasia logo


If you’re in Asia and wondering how to get from A to B, you’ll want to check out 12GoAsia.

I’ve used them several times to book overnight trains, long-distance buses, and ferries. They’re usually the cheapest in Asia and save you time and effort haggling down ridiculous prices on the street.

Discover Cars Logo

Discover Cars

Looking for a car rental? Similarly to SkyScanner, Discover Cars sorts and compares all of the best rental dealerships in your region so you can find the best price.

Generally speaking, Discover Cars offers the best deals and the most comprehensive database. However, it’s always a good idea to compare on as well.

More: Best Travel & Outdoor Gear

Below is a list of great products and online stores that I’ve been using for years or recently discovered. Some of these companies aren’t even partners (yet), but I just love them all and want to share them with you.

grayl logo


Would you think it was ever possible to drink water from the tap in Mumbai?

I’ve done it, and no I didn’t get giardiasis. The secret is this awesome travel/outdoor water filter bottle: The Grayl. It’s the same size as a regular water bottle and filters out 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and particulates.

Basically, it turns shitty water into drinkable water. I’ve saved loads of plastic bottles from landfills by relying on this bottle for the past few years.

rei logo


Adventurers need adventure gear. If you live in the states, then you already know that REI is the best outlet ever for purchasing high-quality outdoor, trekking, and even alpine gear.

I’m waiting for the day REI comes to Australia and Europe, but if you’re lucky enough to be in the USA, then you get the cheapest deals on the best gear at REI.

osprey logo


Google who makes the best travel backpacks. Or, don’t and take my word for it, it’s Osprey.

I’ve been living out of my Osprey pack now for the past few years after upgrading from a Deuter (I miss you buddy).

I use my Osprey Farpoint Trek 75 for both travel backpacking and overnight hikes. It serves both purposes and I couldn’t think of swapping to another bag anytime soon.

amazon logo


Everybody shops on Amazon, that’s a fact. You’re probably already saving money by shopping on Amazon. But, a great way to support me is to click my affiliate link before filling your cart. Again, this won’t cost you a cent extra, but helps to keep this site up and running.

Hiker with Garmin InReach satellite device

How I Stay Connected Off-Grid

I’ve been using the Garmin InReach Mini satellite communicator for all serious treks and expeditions since 2020. It lets me send unlimited SMS anywhere on earth and has an emergency SOS feature that could save your life.

This is How to Support We Seek Travel & Save Money

Everyone loves free stuff…

Why would you pay for adventure travel guides when you can find all the information you need online? That’s the model that I roll with, and one that benefits everybody.

Yes, you’ll see ads and display advertising on We Seek Travel, and that’s a small way I’m able to support my travels and continue to provide free content. I won’t ask you to disable your ad blocker, because you have the right to use one.

Who likes ads anyway right?

Instead, the best way to support this website is to book your travel experiences, hotels, flights, and products using my links. Basically, I have partnered with my absolute favorite online resources and travel booking companies so that I receive a commission on the sale when you make a purchase through my link.

This doesn’t cost you anything extra and you’d pay exactly the same amount of money if you were to book directly. This is a win-win situation for everybody. Here’s why:

  • You win: All my recommendations are hand-picked and based on my personal experience. I always do the research to ensure I recommend the best booking resource, hotel, tour, or product with the best available prices online. You win big time since you’ve just saved yourself hours of research and a few bucks picking the best-value recommendation.
  • My partners win: I love all of these companies and the truth is I’ve used all of them much longer than I’ve been partnered with them. They win by getting your sale, but they’ve had to earn it by being awesome enough to get my recommendation.
  • Lastly, I win too! My partners pay me a commission, which comes out of their pocket, not yours.

See, this model is great for everybody. It keeps things free, meaning no paywalls or annoying, begging pop ups or me asking you to pay for content.

So, whether you’re looking for a way to support us, or you just want to save money and time researching travel-related purchases, the above products and websites will do all of those things.

If you want to be a super-supporter, bookmark this page and use it each time you go to book flights, search for tours, or find an awesome hotel/hostel.

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